2010 Celebration! — Franklin's Legacy: American National Character

Sheldon Hackney


Who are these Americans? How, in a land of diversity and complexity, have we forged a single distinct identity?

This year's birthday celebration, which pays tribute to the legacy of Dr. Franklin, explores the concept of American character — how American see themselves and how they are perceived, and how this has evolved over the course of history.

The annual Franklin Founders Award was presented to Dr. Sheldon Hackney, who has studied the development of American Character throughout his distinguished career. He has served as chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, president of the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently a Professor of US History at Penn.


Walter A. McDougall, “Americans as Hustlers,” Sheldon Hackney, “Freedom and Identity,” moderated by Barbara Dianne Savage, introduction by Roy Goodman.